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So sick and tired of being so sick and tired.... - Words from a Toutured Soul.....

Jun. 14th, 2007 08:01 pm So sick and tired of being so sick and tired....


That's the only question that i could come up with. At the end of the day, when all of your successes and failures come at you all at once. Every low moment, every peak. You look back at the day and questions should appear in your mind's eye. Normally, it's "how can i repeat this great day" or "how can I keep today from happening again" or "I wonder what tomorrow will be like". Any of those are good. But me, I have to come up with the tough one...

"Why do I even try to cope with this bullshit"

It's the only one I could honestly ask myself. Anything else would be utter bullshit and I don't really need anymore of that.

Needless to say, work was a mean-spirited bitch today. Got to the point where my anxiety was starting to bother me. Constant chest pain is not fun, and that's at 10AM. Didn't stop till about an hour ago. I wanted so bad to just come home and crawl into bed, but I know that wouldn't have worked too well. I wouldn't have went to sleep, been up all night, and been even worse tomorrow. I need that less than what I am going through right now.

So I know at least one of you is thinking "why are you posting so much?" (Trust me, I know you aren't, but humor me for a sec.), as I post about once a month, usually less. Well I need an outlet. I need to get some of the pressure that is constantly on me off my shoulders. Can't do it anywhere else, as I don't trust people like that. So here i am. I don't think I'll be posting everyday, but who knows. Hell, not like i have anything else better to do.

And with that, I'm gone. Take Care.

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